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Chapter 2, Pregnant again, Aero Glide's birth :iconwacovean:Wacovean 1 0
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Chapter 1, Bonding :iconwacovean:Wacovean 0 0
Happy Father's Day Alternate Dawn :iconwacovean:Wacovean 0 0 A Night to Remember :iconwacovean:Wacovean 1 0 Happy Mother's Day :iconwacovean:Wacovean 1 1
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Part 3, the pregnancy, birthing motherhood :iconwacovean:Wacovean 0 0
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Trapped! In the claws of a Dragon :iconwacovean:Wacovean 3 1
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Revenge is Bittersweet :iconwacovean:Wacovean 1 0


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Lost in Another World
Hello one and all, I bring to you a new story and enjoy.

    This is is a story of a young vampony named Midnight Moon, who happens to end up in another world called Estaria. With the help of one of the residence she gets to learn to control of her abilities to one day return back home. But with every challenge she faces this new world, will Midnight succeed in make her goal a reality or will she give up to those in the darkness. Please read to find out.

 Genres: supernatural/alternative dimension world/a little bloody/adventure

 Rated: Teens

MLP belongs to Hasbro

The art cover to this story is created by the talented artist Vavacung

Midnight Moon belongs to Darkaito

Drake and Estaria world belongs, and being the author of this story is me (Wacovean)

  However this story wouldn't have come to fruition without the gracious help from Darkaito

  And please do not use any of these materials with the permission of the owners, thank you.
Happy Thanksgiving 2016

         Hello everyone on this fine Thanksgiving morning; and so I want to present an art piece that I did last year but never finished it until now. So I hope that you like it.

    And in this picture is a Thanksgiving play where one pony isn’t very happy of the role that they had to take part in:


    The stallion pegasi groans while backstage of the theater. That is when a mare unicorn came up the stallion pegasi, “What’s the matter?” she asked.

    The stallion pegasi averts his eyes, “Why do I have to be the one to wear this costume, huh?” he answers back.

    The mare unicorn blinks, “I don’t know what you mean?” she asks.

    The stallion pegasi looks back at the mare unicorn and narrows his eyes, “You know darn well what…”

    That is when a mare earth pony interrupts his conversation, “Hey you two what’s going on?”

    The stallion pegasi groans once more as he averts his eyes again, where the mare unicorn spoke in the stallion pegasi's place, “Oh nothing much, just wondering why he’s in a pouty mood.”

    The stallion pegasi turns his attention back to the two mares, “I’m not in a pouty mood, just annoyed is all?”

    The mare earth pony blinks her eyes, “Whatever for?” she asked curiously.

    The stallion pegasi sighs, where both mare earth pony and unicorn stares at him waiting to hear what he has to say, that’s when the stallion pegasi sighs, “Fine, and just for the record of why am I dressed as this turkey for?”

    “Well that’s because you were made for the part,” said the mare unicorn.

    The stallion pegasi glares at her, “Is that suppose to a joke because if it is, I’m not laughing.”

    The mare unicorn shakes her head, “No I didn’t say it as a joke, I meant it as the truth right,” she said looking over to the mare earth pony.

    The mare earth pony nods her head, “What she said.”

    The stallion pegasi wasn’t too convinced and said, “Explain.”

    “Well for one neither of us can be the turkey because I’m a unicorn and she’s an earth pony, so there’s that,” said the mare unicorn.

    The stallion pegasi snorts, “That still doesn’t give me an answer to why I’m the turkey in this play.”

    The mare unicorn sighs, “Okay, how’s this for you. Do you see wings on either of us?”

    The stallion pegasi shakes his head, “No, no I don’t.”

    The mare unicorn smiles, “See that is why.”

    That is when the director of the Thanksgiving play came and said, “Places everypony.”

    “Right,” said everypony.

    So as everypony got into position the stallion pegasi looks to his right then to the left, and then back in front of him and said with an unhappy expression across his face, “I hate the both of you.”

    The mare earth pony and unicorn smiles, “We love you too,” they both said in union.

    The stallion groans as the curtain went up to start the Thanksgiving play, which went quite well for everypony on the stage and in the audience that are enjoying the play.


    ~The End~


    I hope you all enjoyed this very short story for the Holiday :).


    MLP belongs to Hasbro.


    Art piece belongs to me (Wacovean)

Happy Halloween for Kids
  This here is the second Halloween picture that I drew for the little ones. Here is Aurora Lights and her baby brother Aero Glide in their costumes of a green fairy and a pirate.

  Previously: :thumb643147577:

  MLP, and Twilight belongs to Hasbro

  Aurora Lights, Aero Glide, and Silver Shine belongs to me (Wacovean)

  Alternate Dawn belongs to Vavacung

  This art piece also has a story that is tied to other with Alternate Dawn and Silver Shine:

  It beings on the evening of Nightmare Night where Aurora and Aero couldn't wait to dress up in costumes, and get candy with their parents. That is where Twilight casts a spell to give Aurora wings like she did with Rarity that one time, and then they were off the Rarity's boutique where she dressed the two foals in their costumes. Happy as they were they thanked Rarity and showed their parents.
   Silver was blown away with their costumes, Alter wasn't nowhere to be seen. So she went to go get him, and on her way Twilight asked for a favor which Silver went to go get. Few minutes later Silver came back with the item and told Twilight that something urgent came up, and she needs to help Alter with it.
   Twilight understood and took Aurora and Aero to have fun, but Aurora wonders why her parents aren't coming. Twilight explains that something urgent has happened, but that shouldn't spoil their fun to get candy.
   After fun and games, midnight rolled around where both Aurora were on Twilight's back asleep from all the fun they had. Back in the castle Twilight notice Alter laying down with Silver beside him with her wings covering him. Silver looks up at Twilight and smiles to see her little one passed out from all the fun, which was probably one of the best nights that Aurora and Aero ever had with a groggy smiles on their little face. Both Twilight and Silver giggled as this will be one Nightmare Night to remember for them for a long time.

  ~The End~

   I hope that you all enjoy this little read, and have a Happy Halloween.
Happy Halloween
    Hello to everyone for Nightmare Night for trick or treat, fill those bags with yummy goodies for she will be pleased, Nightmare Moon of course. Let's see I'm not big on the whole fright and gory stuff, it just makes me very unease, but candy on the other hand is a different story.
    Anyways i want to show off this lovely art piece of Alternate Dawn with Silver Shine in their Halloween costumes.

    Alternate Dawn belongs to Vavacung

    Silver Shine belongs to me (Wacovean)

   Next: Happy Halloween for Kids:

   Actually there's a story behind to why Alter looks like a vampire for:
   It all begins on the evening of Nightmare Night, where Alter is finding a hard time to pick a costume to wear to take his children Aurora Lights and Aero Glide on a fun night out. However, it isn't going as planned instead he looks through books but they didn't help, until he notice a particular spell book that his mother Twilight Sparkle hid on this time of year. So he thought what could happen, and after finding the spell book, Alter went to a mirror since that's what the book said to do. He lit his horn to cast the spell in the mirror, where a puff of smoke covered him and the surrounding area. After everything has settled Alter looks back into the mirror, his eyes widen in shock because of what he sees in the mirror is a completely different creature, with bat-like ears, red eyes and fangs with a costume that came along with the new look. Alter liked his new look until something strange came over him, and at that same time he hears hooves coming his way so he ducks under something to hide for what he did.
   Silver Shine walks into the study room to get something for Twilight when she hears shuffling, so looking around the room she didn't see anything but went on her business. Hearing the sound again Silver went towards the sound to a table, peeks underneath it to see somepony there. Lighting her horn up to see who it was, and with a look of shock to see Alter cowering at the end of the table. Silver said some encouraging words to bring Alter from hiding only to see why. Silver had an idea grabbing the item that Twilight need and said she will be right back.
    Few minutes later Silver came back where she told Alter that Twilight will be taking the kids to get their candy, which Alter is sadden but understands. That is where Silver asked Alter how he got this way, Alter explains his situation.
   Around that same time Alter felt that strange feeling again, so he look over at Silver in her Witch costume, but it's the pulsation underneath Silver's coat, that's calling out to him. So getting right up to Silver and staring into her eyes where his eyes began to glow red, he uses one of his hooves to lower the fabric down from her neck. Lowering his head down and without hesitation he bit Silver on the neck.
   Moments later Alter couldn't believe what he just did, but Silver didn't mind and hope that this wasn't permanent. So when the clock struck midnight, Alter changes back to his original self and the fang marks on Silver's neck disappears as well, ending a strange but unusual Nightmare Night for both of them, and they couldn't be more than happier.
  ~The End~

  I hope that you all enjoy this little read, and who knows I might consider turning it into a short story in the near future.
Chapter 2, Pregnant again, Aero Glide's birth

    Here’s the second chapter of the 2nd Arc, and what’s this it seems like somepony is pregnant again, who could it be? Well to find out whom, is to read it and see. But please enjoy this chapter, and tell me what you think about it, as it’s nice to get feedback so I would know what I can make better in the coming chapters ahead. :)


    Genre: Slice-of-life, humor, romance, drama

    Pairing: Alternate Dawn x Silver Shine (female form)

    Rating: teens/ mature


    Previously on chapter 1:


    Next on chapter 3:TBA


    MLP, Applejack, Celestia, Cadence, Rarity, Spike and Twilight belongs to Hasbro

    Aerial Ace, Apple Eden, Little AJ, Super Surprise, and Alternate Dawn belongs to Vavacung

    Aurora Lights, Aero Glide, Silver Shine and a quite few other characters belongs to me (Wacovean)


    And a special thank you to Vavacung for allowing me to borrow her characters in this fanfic, as she’s an amazing artist as well.

 Hello to everyone that has read, or has heard of the fanfic that I'm currently writing on. As such I have decided that part 2 of the direct story will be out between (08/21-08/23) because the 24th is the start of my fall semester for college. But regardless of the dates I have set out, you all don't have to worry since it will give me a direct date to get the story out and let you all to enjoy it.
  But if something does happen and I can't get to the deadline on time, you all will know because something has came up. Other than that I'm hoping to have the cover-page done before then to let you all know that the story is on its way.
  So if anyone has questions leave a note and I will answer back as quickly as possible, until then have a great day :).


Tiffany Miller
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States


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